Alliance is the managed care organization, or MCO, for public behavioral healthcare for the citizens of Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties in North Carolina. Members of the Alliance Health Plan are insured by Medicaid or are uninsured.

Although we do not directly provide services, our job is to ensure that individuals seeking help receive the quality services and supports they are eligible for to help them achieve their goals and live as independently as possible.

To do this, we work alongside a diverse network of over 2000 private behavioral healthcare providers.

At Alliance we know that people CAN and DO recover from mental illness and substance use disorders and that each of us has the right to as much freedom as possible to make our own choices and decisions about our lives.

We support the members of the Alliance Provider Network in incorporating evidence-based practices proven to lead to healthier, more satisfying lives for the people we serve:

Services that respect and support you.
They build on your strengths, promote your recovery, respect your culture, and are flexible in responding to your unique and changing needs.

Services that respond to real life needs.
An array of community services provided by your choice of provider, and active connections to housing, social support and other everyday needs.

Services that are effective.
Based on research about what works and measured by best-practice quality standards.

Services that are linked and coordinated.
Using teamwork to help connect your services and supports, and providing a “no wrong door” approach so you can get the services and supports you need from multiple community agencies.

Page last modified: October 2, 2020