[toc] Alliance Health has established recognized screening instruments to support providers in the early identification and diagnosis of individuals experiencing co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. These instruments are tools to be used to inform providers and practitioners in developing whole-person care with members receiving MHSUD services.


Eligible members are identified as members receiving services with a mental health or substance use provider in Alliance Health’s Provider Network. Mental health providers should complete a substance use screening as part of their intake and assessment process. Substance use providers should complete a mental health screening during their intake and assessment process. Providers and practitioners are encouraged to use more than one screening tool as needed and appropriate.

Screenings and Frequency

The following screening instruments have been reviewed by Alliance Health’s Committee on Provider Quality for use. This committee consists of network provider representatives, network clinicians, and internal Alliance Health employees. Screening instruments are evidenced-based and/or considered best practices. The committee reviews and updates this screening program at least annually, and as needed when new research, evidence, and/or information becomes available.

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Communication and Notifications

Alliance distributes information regarding screening programs on the Alliance website, community events, bulletins, notifications, and other methods as appropriate and available. Providers will be informed of the screening upon enrollment and at least annually thereafter. Changes to existing screening programs may be disseminated to the providers and practitioners by memo, updates, or newsletters distributed by the Network Operations Department. Changes may also be communicated during all-provider meetings and/or collaboratives or other ways, as appropriate.

For technical support regarding these screening instruments, please contact Alliance Health.

Feedback and Input

In addition to the Committee on Provider Quality, Alliance Health welcomes feedback and input from all stakeholders – including providers, practitioners, members, and caregivers.

Alliance Health also encourages providers and practitioners to share information regarding other tools they may use in practice to be considered by the committee for future updates. Stakeholders can provide feedback through our Access and Information Line at (800) 510-9132 or by emailing QMHelp@AllianceHealthPlan.org.

Page last modified: September 25, 2020