Changes Effective July 1, 2017

Per NC DMA (Joint Communication Bulletin #J240), effective July 1, 2017 Alliance will no longer be able to enroll new providers (including new sites) in NCTracks via the Provider Upload process. However, all providers (including new sites) are required to be enrolled in NCTracks in order to also be enrolled in the Alliance Behavioral Healthcare Network.

Alliance strongly recommends that providers and sites that are currently going through the Alliance credentialing process, and/or any future enrollment/credentialing requests, and are not currently enrolled in NCTracks to enroll in NCTracks effective immediately. Alliance will not be able to enroll providers in Alpha until the provider is successfully enrolled in NCTracks.

Alliance will continue to credential providers. Effective June 12, 2017, providers may receive two notification letters from Alliance. A provider will receive a credentialing letter once a credentialing decision has been made. However, if a provider is not enrolled in NCTracks the provider will not be enrolled in Alliance and entered into Alpha until the provider is successfully and correctly enrolled in NCTracks. Providers are responsible for notifying Alliance at once they are enrolled in NCTracks. The provider will receive a separate enrollment letter from Alliance once Alliance is able to confirm verification that the provider is enrolled correctly in NCTracks. If a provider is enrolled in NCTracks at the time the credentialing approval is completed they will receive only one letter, a Credentialing/Enrollment approval letter.


Q: I need to link a clinician to my Agency what do I need to do?
A: Verify if the clinician is enrolled in NCTracks. If not, submit an enrollment packet to NCTracks. At the same time, submit the Request to Add Clinician form and indicate on the form whether or not the clinician is enrolled in NCTracks.

Q: What will be the effective date of the clinician in Alpha?
A: The effective date will be the date that you received notification from Alliance that your application was accepted or the effective date in NCTracks, whichever date comes last.

Q: Can I bill for services if the clinician/site has not been approved by Alliance and NCTracks?
A: You can bill for services but will receive a denial. Once the clinician/site is enrolled by Alliance and NCTracks successfully, the Claims department will re-adjudicate the claims.

Q: If I enroll in NCTracks will I automatically be enrolled in the Alliance Network?
A: No, you will still need to go through the credentialing/enrollment process through Alliance.

Q: If I receive a credentialing approval letter am I enrolled in the Alliance Network?
A: No. You will need to receive either an enrollment letter or a Credentialing/Enrollment letter notifying you that you’ve been enrolled in the Alliance Network.

Page last modified: September 25, 2020