During COVID-19 all meetings will be taking place remotely. If you are interested in attending a local PAC meeting. please reach out the individuals identified as the main contact for each PAC.

As part of Alliance Health’s ongoing effort to build a strong community of providers within our service area, each agency is invited to attend its local Provider Advisory Council (PAC) meetings. Each county within the Alliance Health region operates a local Provider Advisory Council facilitated by providers for providers. Local Provider Advisory Councils operate in Durham (DPAC), Wake (WPAC), Johnston (JPAC) and Cumberland (CPAC).

The PAC is made up of contracted provider agencies that serve Alliance members and their families. These meetings are an excellent source of information, allowing provider agencies to access the most updated information related to Medicaid and State-funded programs, and offering an opportunity to share both challenges and successes. All participants are welcomed to share updates regarding new projects, events and needs within their agencies. There is a chance to stay after the meeting to network with other providers and Alliance Health staff.

The facilitator of these local meetings is a voting member of a larger advisory council called the Alliance Health Provider Advisory Council (APAC), which meets monthly and acts as conduit to pass information to Alliance Health leadership, which can initiate problem-solving, future discussions, and solutions. Once again, Alliance Health strongly encourages each provider agency to put forth their best effort to regularly participate in local PAC meetings, either in person or by dialing in.

Local Provider Advisory Councils meet on the following schedule:

Cumberland (CPAC) is held at 3:00on the first Monday of the month.

  • Location: Alliance Health Cumberland Office, 711 Executive Place Room 109, Fayetteville
  • Main Contact: Sarah Hallock shallock@cccommunicare.org

Durham (DPAC) is held at 2 PM every third Thursday of the month.

Johnston (JPAC) is held at noon the fourth Monday of every other month.

Wake (WPAC) is held at 2 pm the second Thursday of every other month(November, January, March, May, July, September).

Page last modified: October 15, 2020