Decisions about health and medications can be hard for members to make if they don’t fully understand the benefits and risks of their options. As part of Alliance’s effort to promote the health literacy and engagement of our members, we have developed Shared Decision Making tools in partnership with other health organizations to allow clinicians and our members to work together to make decisions and select medications that balance risks and expected outcomes with member preferences and values.

These Shared Decision Making tools are laminated cards on binder rings that clinicians can use as visual aids for discussing the pros and cons of medications in a way that can be easily understood. The cards can be written on using a dry erase marker and then easily cleaned off.

There are four sets of cards, covering antipsychotic medications as well as drugs for depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Each set addresses topics such as the benefits and side effects, necessary lifestyle changes, risks of misuse or stopping the medication, and important things for Members to remember about their treatment and the medication.

How to Use the Tools

A brief training module (15-minute video) for the Shared Decision Making Tools that includes instructions on how to access hard copies of the tools can be accessed below.

Downloadable versions of the tools along with companion guide.

Page last modified: October 30, 2020